August 10, 2015

Personal Coaching Services

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SQUADRUN’s Personal Coaching Services represent the ultimate in intimate customized training specific to your individual ability, needs and running goals.
Due to high demand and limited availability this service is on a first come, first serve basis.

Choose your coach!wardianrunning

Michael Wardian and Kerry Suter are both available for professional support for $250 per week.

Coaches will analyze your current fitness and gain an understanding of your ambitions, from there we’ll work closely with you on a day-by-day basis (if necessary) to ensure you get the optimal training, information and experience.

Michael or Kerry will provide you with a week-by-week tailored program with regular consultation and support.

Personal Coaching Services also includes access to our awesome SQUADRUN community and extensive benefits and resources.

If you would like to know more about personal coaching services please contact TheCoaches


Sample program by Coach Kerry (in metric)