February 23, 2016

Train with SQUADRUN


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No specific races on your calendar? How about a bucket list race or event you don’t see here yet?

By popular demand we’ve created two Train with SQUADRUN plans to keep you running fit and race-ready for whatever comes your way!

The “Train with SQUADRON: Marathon” plan ensures you’re receiving structured training for that ‘marathon duration’ event (2-5 hours) regardless of terrain. While the lighter, “Train with SQUADRON: Half Marathon” plan is tailored to maintain general fitness so you can be 11054327_882514325168485_3532824124613161118_orun-fit without obsessing over distance or the stress of a program heavy with miles and suffering.

Regardless of ability, both plans will scale to your fitness level and with our help you’ll be ready to rock your next race. Worried that it’s not specific enough? We’ll help you taper for that target event too and direct you to the important sessions along the way.

Like all our plans, the “Train with SQUADRUN” programs are flexible and designed to fit around your busy life. No unrealistic expectations about what you have to do on any given day, just 7 tailored runs specific to your fitness designed to keep you aerobically fit and fast.

We already have hundreds of athletes happily training on these plans and enjoying the benefits of SQUADRUN membership.

What you’ll get:
  • 7 prioritized workouts per week specific to your fitness, see our FAQ page for more info
  • A vibrant SQUADRUN community
  • SQUADRUN discounts and special offers
  • Access to staff and athletes at the top of their game who want to see you succeed!

Find out what SQUADRUN clients are saying about their experience!

Regardless of your race schedule, Train with SQUADRUN will get you ready, please contact TheCoaches to get started!