November 17, 2015

Train to Hillary

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The SQUADRUN “Train to Hillary” programme is the perfect solution to help you prepare for the unique West-Coast Waitaks experience.  Specifically for the 80km event this programme will feature all the training essentials The Hillary Logo2specific to the Hillary trail (HILLS!).  It’s customizable and gives you the control to plan your training around your busy life while detailing the important runs by priority so you never miss what matters most.  Coach Kerry will ensure the intensities are tailored to your specific fitness and ability and guide you through the essentials of making the programme work right for you.

The mad-hatter of event directors, Shaun Collins has cooked up something special for you all within an hour of almost anywhere in Auckland.  The trails and coastline will blow your mind and this slice of country screams NZ more than a guy in red-bands tackling a merino ram.

Kerry and Ali

The team at SQUADRUN is committed to not just helping you achieve your goal of running well but also to ensuring you enjoy the journey from now to the finish-line.

At only $10/w the “Train to Hillary” represents exceptional value.

    • Get 1-7 tailored training runs each week, specific to your fitness
    • Join the exclusive SQUADRUN community (it’s hard to explain the true value of this, you wont believe it until you witness it)
    • Group Discounts and special offers
    • Kerry, Ali and the SQUADRUN team will be there on the day to look after you throughout the race and share our unique finish-line ‘hospitality’
    • Regular features like “Tune-up Tuesday”, “Worth a read Wednesday” along with “Coaches Notes” and a massive community to help you through your journey.
    • Access to Kerry and the affiliated team of professional support services including:

Corey Hinde – Strength and Conditioning Coach Nutritionist, Weight-loss, and Motivation specialist (ThatFatLossBlog)
Mikki Williden – Head Nutritionist, Sports and performance nutrition specialist. (MikkiWilliden)
Clair Akin-Smith – Body Movement, Injury Prevention and recovery specialist. (AppliedMovement)
As well as cast of experienced elite and professional athletes.

Find out what SQUADRUN clients are saying about their experience!

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If you want to know more, contact Kerry – [email protected]