May 26, 2016

Train to Kepler

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Train with SQUADRUN to Kepler because you’d be crazy to attempt 60km without us! Not convinced?  Hear what one of our athletes had to say about the 2016 event.

Kepler RunnersThere are  few events in New Zealand that capture the spirit and imagination of trail running like Kepler and with good reason this event has historically sold out in minutes.

Important note from the Event organisers:
PLEASE NOTE: The entry system is being changed for the 2016 event and you will need to pre-register a runner account. Please come back from time to time as new information will be posted soon.

Keep an eye on the /registration page here.

There’s a thousand and one reasons why you should enter Kepler and every chance it’ll be the ‘run of a lifetime’ for you.  For those we have coached to the event they have experience outstanding success by their own measure and we can almost guarantee that with the coaching and support of SQUADRUN you will run to your best and celebrate the likely achievement of your race goals.

Elsewhere at Ultra-Trail Australia we helped 97% of our athletes complete their Ultramarathon in a race that had a 21% drop-rate.  Train with SQUADRUN and give yourself the best possible chance of completing your race and achieving your goal!

At just $10/w being coached by SQUADRUN is easily the best value training support in Australasia with the biggest community of runners and the most accessible staff.  Not only will you get the programme that is right for you but you’ll get access to the exclusive SQUADRUN training group (Facebook).  On top of that expect discounts on gear, nutritional, events and much more. Programme

It doesn’t matter if you’re a first time ‘plodder’ or a capable athlete looking to better your performance, the Train to Kepler will help you achieve your goal of running well come race day.

This programme is customizable and gives you the control to plan your training around your busy life while detailing the important runs by priority so you never miss what matters most. We’ll ensure all the intensities are tailored to your specific fitness and ability while guiding you through the essentials of making the programme work right for you.

If you would like to know more about SQUADRUN and how it works check the info on the “Train to Tarawera” Page

If you would like to know more about the Train to Kepler programme please contact Ali – [email protected]

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